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To GG Readers,

Because I am becoming fond of Tiffy, here is a pic of her... anime-style~

Because I am becoming fond of Tiffy, here is a pic of her... anime-style~

I know I have been neglecting the chart for the GG Char Tourney for a while now but I can assure you that it’s done on my computer and that I haven’t had time to post it up yet. I realize that being sick is not fun when you are behind in everything- writing, schoolwork, and projects. After recovering from my evil flu, I am thankful for good health once more. As my friend aka character Theresa Chelsea Alonso like to say, “The secret to a happy life is good health and a bad memory”.  Hurray for me having both~ Maybe that’s why I’m so cheerful constantly?

I know it’s been a while but Chapter 68 is finally here and thanks to my demon editor who I will not name unless he gives me permission to, my horrible grammar won’t be as obvious as previous chapters. Thank you, my demon editor for all your hard work! Let’s hope that you won’t run away as quickly as the others~ ^^ Moving on, I haven’t been able to create double matches for the GG Char Tourney for a while so to make up for it this time, there’ll be an exhibition match for fun. I’ll post the results along with the next chapter. Please vote in Round 42 and stay tune for that!

Exhibition Match:

Cerina   VS   Sandara


If there is one comment I hear a lot in regards to the GG Char Tourney, it is that both Cerina and Sandara should be in it. Unfortunately, both Cerina and Sandara are introduced a little too late in the story so they didn’t make the cut even though their arcs are finished before other characters in the tournament. Besides being close friends, Cerina and Sandara are considered very strong female figures in GG. Cerina is super competitive and will do anything to win the man she wants over. Sandara is a prideful Hispanic woman who will do anything to prove to the school that she is more than what she seems. Both girls are talkative and flirtatious in their own ways. They have enough screen time with one of the major characters (Jezebelle and Jordan respectively) and they are promising candidates for GG Tourney if they made it. Between these two young ladies, who will be blessed with an exhibition match win?

nathan   VS   Lionard


There are a lot of things Nathan and Lionard have in common. First, they are both part of Marching Band and very musically-orientated. They are both Jewish and passionate. They both like to talk a lot. The difference between them is probably that Nathan is all about being a man and Lionard the complete opposite. While Nathan preaches on what it takes to be a real man, Lionard is off knitting and shopping for clothes. Both of these young men were introduced late and didn’t make the tourney either, though both of them might have done decently well against the others in it so far. This is a test of masculinity of both of them. Will the funny and enduring Nathan prove that a masculine representative is favored in this exhibition match? Or will the intelligent and sweet Lionard prove that only real men wear pink and white? 

Eun   VS   Stan


to be added

Round 42 (Wins are neglected thanks to the outdated chart):

Venus   VS   Sophronia


to be added

Eunice2   VS   Crystal


If there is one person who should hold the crown of unpredictability, it is none other than Crystal Shiratori. Whether it is because she has the same name as the most beloved character in Sweet Heart or because her character is that memorable, Crystal has been slamming down very hard opponents lately. Too many in fact that Eunice might be in danger. Eunice is doing extremely well, moving one spot up each time, until she is in sight of the top sixteen. If she gathers a couple of more wins, she might make the top sixteen for sure. Unfortunately, it is time for Eunice to be up against someone who can’t be predicted to win or lose. It is fate that Eunice and Crystal are fighting on this day. What will come of this match? Will Eunice lose her slow but steady momentum? Or will Eunice show Crystal that consistency is the key to victory?

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