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To GG Readers,


Carmen is patiently awaiting the arrival of Classy and Cool~

Hiya everyone! I am back this week with another chapter of Gorgeous Geek! Chapter 69 (Thank you so much Paul for your editting~) is out much later than I intended because somehow, I managed to get myself a life and had gone out for parties/outings/other stuff from Thursday to Sunday. Oh Halloween weekend! Anyways,  at the moment, it is still uncertain whether Gorgeous Geek will have a sequel or not, depending on where I want to end the story. I am hoping to finish the entire story by the next twenty/thirty chapters. It doesn’t look possible does it? Like I said before, after Sunday, the time within the story should move by quickly. In other words, it won’t be going day by day anymore. I can’t believe I took nearly 70 chapters to get through the first important five weeks. Oh well~ Whether or not there’ll be a sequel to Gorgeous Geek, the next story in the workings is Classy and Cool.

Classy and Cool will be taking place in a separate universe from both Gorgeous Geek and Spirits. Unlike Spirits and like Gorgeous Geek, it will be modern time setting aka with computers/television/cars. Classy and Cool will be the first time I’m working with a smaller cast too. There is around five major characters and that’s about it. I’m working with my C & C characters right now. I don’t want them to be too similar to any other characters I have so far (around 300 chars I believe?), but it’s hard. They’re all archetypes at the moment. I’ll expand them later. 🙂 Besides Classy and Cool, I have another story idea in the working but neither of them have progressed much from just an idea.

Mandatory Minnie Rant: I don’t follow Naruto and I don’t intend to follow Naruto any time soon, but the latest confession chapter from Sakura to Naruto PISSED ME OFF. Yes, it totally deserved caps and everything. Wait a second. I should clarify what I mean. SAKURA PISSED ME OFF. If you’re going to confess, confess like a normal person. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT SOUND SO PITIFUL????????????????????????? My God. Can this girl do anything right? Ever? If I’m going to confess to someone, I’m not going to say like “I never loved and noticed you before. Instead, I loved this emo jerk, but it doesn’t matter anymore because I love you now. You’re a great hero and will become Hokage one day, unlike that guy I loved so much, who is now trying to kill everyone. All in all, just forget that promise we made three years ago in which you wasted all that time on and get hitched okay? OKAY!” Sakura, it is thanks to female characters like you that make me want to hit my head against the nearest wall and curse all female characters in manga/anime to death. >_> Thanks to this chapter, you have made me a Hinata/Naruto fan. I don’t care if it’s one-sided. I don’t care if Hinata is one of the most useless characters in existence. ANY OTHER GIRL WITH NARUTO IS BETTER THAN YOU >________________________> Oh, and just to make this not totally a hate rant, I applaud Naruto for what he said at the end of the chapter. Naruto, you have officially gained my respect.

The girl, not the boy~

On lighter news, for all those who haven’t watched Kimi ni Todoke that is currently airing, you should. Why? Because it is by far the best show of the fall season for being simple, endearing, and emotional and best of all, one of my favorite manga heroines is finally animated ❤ If I hadn’t done the fav char countdown already for HSA, she would be right about here:

Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier
Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat
Nanami Takahashi from Bokura ga Ita
Sawako ❤ from Kimi ni Todoke
CC from Code Geass
Nodame from Nodame Cantabile
Kagami from Lucky Star
Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club
Ran Kotobuki from Super GALS
Haruhi Suzumiya from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Sunako from Wallflower
Ami from ToraDora!
Tomoyo from CLANNAD

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