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To GG Readers,


Thank you for all your suggestions and comments but...

I don’t know why, but a handful of my readers have asked me to write more about myself and my life on my blog. Huh. That sounds weird. Not really I guess. I suppose it’s because you guys want to know more about me as a person right? Actually, to be frank, I like to keep a distance between me and everyone I know. I am not quite honest with people, unless I know them very well. I love to sugarcoat my words and say things to make people happy. I like being the girl who everyone can get along with, but don’t know personally too well.

One of the reasons is because I’m a writer and I work alone. When I’m in a crowd, I am more interested in people’s manner of speaking and movements than what they’re saying. These observations are quite useful to a writer. I look at the world through a writer’s eyes and for those who are trying to write, you know exactly what I mean. If not, maybe writing isn’t your profession. 😛

The real reason why it might be hard for me to talk about myself and my life in these kind of posts is because I’m not really a diary type of person and I always write these chapter posts days ahead of when I publish them. In the past, I’ve tried writing a diary or online entries at one of those websites (like Xanga?), but eventually, I become bored of them. Instead of wasting my time writing about my life to you people who care ever so much (I’m an optimistic and cynic in one!), I’d rather use them in my stories instead. Experience and imagination are what makes writing fiction so great.

For those of you who spend your time writing entries about your life for the sake of pleasing other people or letting other people know what the heck is going on with you (unless it’s mandatory by a parent for some weird reason, which I find stupid anyways), I’ll have to be mean here and say ‘You’re wasting your time!’. For those of you who spend your time writing them because it is a form of release (like stress), that’s a whole different story. You’re doing it for yourself and it helps you so keep it up! And yes, I’m a very individualistic person.

Man, I can’t believe I ranted so much. I’m the type of person who can go on and on about any subject you throw at me as long as I feel slightly passionate about it. Anyways, I should just say what I mean with a sentence: I will not write about my life on here because I find people who do for the sake of other people conceited. 😛 What happen to your sugar coating, Minnie? I’m moving past that, thanks~ For those of you who ask me though, I still want to say thanks because you guys care enough to ask ❤ and I hope no one takes anything I say personally. ^^

Although if any of you need help in the writing process or anything similar to that, I might write more stuff on that because it’s way more useful than to know what I eat for lunch right? 😉 Those are the types of conversation and entries I am much more into anyways~


The end of another important part of Gorgeous Geek. Catch the GG gang next time~

Because I’ve ranted enough, here is your Chapter 70! ^_^ Thank you Paul for editting~ ^^ Chapter 71 should be coming soon faster than usual because of the holiday this week.  I love holidays ❤ 🙂 But in return, I might not be able to get Chapter 72 out as quickly because I’m going on a field trip all day Saturday. Oh well. Hiking’s fun ❤ I am happy to also bring you two rounds this time~! Round 43 and 44 for this chapter because it’s a concluding chapter. ^^ Please vote after the chapter like always. Thanks!

Status on the Gorgeous Geek Sound Drama: Sound Episode 1 without the credits/ED is already done. I will not post the link here however. Once the entire episode is done, I will most likely post the link on my blog. Before then, if you want to see the incomplete episode yourself, please message me on MSN at potter29vo@yahoo.com. Thanks~

Round 43

jordan1    VS   Wendy2

Jordan Greene (39-3) vs Wendy Wilshire (38-4)

The tournament is slowly coming to an end with less than twenty rounds left to go. Although both Jordan and Wendy feel safe in the top sixteen, they both know that they have to up their game if they want to defeat either Jin or Jezebelle in the Double Elimination rounds. There’s not much time left for either of them to prove themselves worthy opponents. In the context of the story, Wendy and Jordan have some history together. The animosity Wendy feels toward Jordan and the guilt Jordan feels toward Wendy are both well known. After seventy chapters, what do readers make of either of them? Should the ex-girlfriend get another chance at being number one? Or would Jordan show Wendy why he’s always one step ahead of her?

BaileyJoseph   VS    Faith

Bailey/Joseph Cruz (33-9) vs Faith Santana (34-8)

For the exiled couple for being doing this well without the help of their arc, it is really something. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Faith’s arc is one of the shortest and easiest one to finish, but he remains a favorite among the minor characters. Even without enough screen time, the Bailey and Joseph Cruz sweep doesn’t seem to be letting down anytime soon. The Faith supporters are just as strong. Both sides are in the top sixteen and both sides are aiming for a sweet victory this time around. With the Double Eliminations coming up, the duo and Faith are trying their best not to slip up, especially with all the girls at spot #17 and lower snatching wins at an alarming rate. In addition, both sides are avoiding the bottom of the top 16 too for obvious reasons. Will the duo tie Faith in wins? Or will Faith move even farther ahead?

Round 44

jin    VS   bo

Jin-Kyong Song (42-0) vs Bo Sungwoo (36-6)

to be added

david   VS   Crystal

David Shin (31-11) vs Crystal Shiratori (29-13)

to be added