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To GG Readers,


Rin-chan is happy that she'll step aside for Jezebelle in the upcoming chapters~

Like always, before I give you your lovely chapter, I’m going to talk about something else first. This time, I have some writer woes. I believe every writer goes through this time at least; for many like myself I go through it many times. There are a couple of woes that are bugging me to no end. The first one is: Will any of my stories be published and read one day by the rest of the human population? The second one: If so, how many of my ideas will see the light of day? I have countless ideas and a lot of stories to tell… I don’t think I’ll be able to tell them all sadly. 

Now, it’s time for my more immediate woes. I am stuck in between so many stories I want to take up after or even during Gorgeous Geek. I really love and care about my Spirits characters in that universe. I love that universe so much that I even have seven stories and a spin-off story dedicated to it.  I have this sudden urge to rewrite New Era all the time or start writing Change of Decade. Before Time and Finale also come to mind a lot too. On the other hand, I really want to write Classy and Cool and my other story idea (I am brainstorming on the title atm). I want to finish Honey Pie as well since it’s so short (40 chapters). I wish I can write all these things at once but my brain will probably explode from all the muses talking at once in my head! My Jordan and Rin muse are talkative enough…

Forget it all. I’ll either try to write both of my new stories at once and decide which one I like better to continue and leave the other one on hiatus (like what I had done with Gorgeous Geek and Honey Pie) or rewrite New Era/Spirits I/Sweet Heart with publication in mind. I know how you guys keep telling me to stop making my summaries so misleading/cliche, but I can’t help it. It’s so much fun. Check out the short, not-yet-finalized summaries below for my two future story ideas and vague profile on the two main characters:


What if Carmen goes to school with a beret and glasses? ^^

Classy and Cool
Carmen is getting married in a year. She returns to the small hometown of her childhood to seek out her three best friends back in elementary school and invite them to her wedding. Much to her surprise, her three friends are not how she remembered them to be. And who is Butch exactly? A slice-of-life story about lost friendship and the changes between childhood to adulthood.

Carmen: the “Classy” of “Classy and Cool”; a good-natured girl who is sympathetic to outcasts and underdogs.

Butch: the “Cool” of “Classy and Cool”; an androgonyous, apathetic bully who skips school and lives on the streets.


Sorry, gals, no yaoi. =x But it's impossible to find pics of two boys w/o it~ Lmao.

Fool’s Paradise/Fool Proof/Fool Happy/Goof Proof (name pending)
On the surface, Bogancio is his Master’s Fool or entertainer. In return for his services, his Master pays for his full expense to the same private boarding school as his master and takes care of all other living expenses.  In actuality though, Bogancio is his shy and sheltered Master’s best friend and love advisor! (Add: A modernized version of the original story that took place in ancient China)

Bogancio: the “Fool”; a talkative and smart boy who helps Ian with his love life. 

Ian:  the “Master”;  a shy and shelter boy who is looking for a girlfriend.

Admittedly, Chapter 71 is pretty hard to write. It’s slightly longer than the usual chapter, but it feels short I think. I guess it’s because it doesn’t feel like a lot is going on even though there are plenty of scene jumps. I want to write a whole chapter without any scene jumps, but with so many characters, it is impossible as of now. Maybe the last couple of chapters where everything comes together, I’ll be able to write straight out chapters without scene jumps?

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