To GG Fans,

-obvious plug for Kimi ni Todoke- I wonder if a scene from that anime will make my list one day ❤

I am proud of myself ❤ I manage to finish Chapter 72 really early and is currently working on Chapter 73… that’s what I would have said if I haven’t waited for a week for Paul to edit my chapter. XD Paul, I hope you’re… healthy and alive? XD I’m probably going to finish the first chapter of both Fool’s Paradise and Classy and Cool when I have time. You guys know how I am always changing my writing style? I’m going to try two different ones for FP and C & C because one, they are part of different genres and two, I am still searching for the style that suits me best. I like GG’s style over SH’s style, but sometimes, I feel like SH leaves me a lot more room to write nice descriptions/thoughts. Because Honey Pie is already in first person, chances are both FP and C & C will be in third person (one is more ominiscent and one is more limited). Of course, that is subject to change once I have everything down.

For the list of defining moments, either go to Hey, Say, Anime or click below (watch out for spoilers!):

ExectutiveOtaku wrote a brilliant entry called Editorial: Defining Moments in Being a Fan on his top ten anime defining moments. The reason I love this idea is that everyone has their own top ten moments. No one can really argue this moment is the best moment or whatever because different scenes touch us differently. Because of this entry, I’ve written my own on Hey, Say, Anime!, but I also want to put it here because a small part of my individual blog has to do with anime/manga. Beware though. Unless you are a huge anime fan and watch all of the following anime, there are huge spoilers ahead.

10) Lovely Complex Episode 18

Yup. The infamous Lovely Complex kiss is Number 10 on my list. I know you guys have probably seen countless kisses in anime off the top of your heads more memorable than this one (funnier, weirder, etc), but personally, I find this one of the best kissing scenes in anime history and of course, I’ll tell you why it is and why it deserves to be on my list.

The reason is almost too simple. It’s because Riza has tried so hard in the past few episodes to win Ootani over, even though he refuses to budge no matter what. Everyone wants them to be together, but someone is too stubborn to get past their height difference. Then, on Riza’s birthday, Ootani not only gives her a gift, he gives her something more <3. And come on, how can you not gush out and go kyaaa over Riza finally winning Ootani over under the fireworks on her birthday? The underdog wins and it’s the best feeling possible~ I cannot describe how happy I was at this perfect moment. ^^ It’s just a defining moment.

9) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Episode 1 or 2

I know I can grab over a hundred memorable scenes in Haruhi Suzumiya Season 1 alone, but how can any other scene beat this one? This is the scene that defines Haruhi Suzumiya for me, as both a character and as an anime. Haruhi basically stands up and declares to the whole classroom that she’s not interested in ordinary human beings. She’s only looking for espers, aliens, and time travelers. She sits back down and everyone is like “Okay…” XD

For me, this scene is not only memorable and defining (look at all those merchandise!), but it’s also powerful. Haruhi Suzumiya is God. The whole anime is about her being God and doing wacky, extraodinary things right? Even though she’s looking for abnormal and supernatural things, the biggest irony is that she is the most abnormal, supernatural being who in fact creates these other abnormal, supernatural creatures. It’s just such an amazing scene and with perfect directing, this scene really cuts the cake for position number 9.

8 ) Kemono no Soujo Erin Episode 7

It’s a shame that not many people watch this anime, because they’re missing one of the greatest scenes in my opinion. Actually, to be fair, I’m not quite caught up on it either or else, I might have a powerful scene to talk about, but this will do for now I guess. The context of this scene for all those who don’t mind being spoiled since they’re not going to watch this anime anyways is basically Erin’s mother sentencing to death… by being eaten by the same creatures she takes care of. Oh God. A character is being eaten alive by dragon-like creatures. What a horrible scene right? But somehow… I don’t remember it being horrific, but inspirational.

This scene is so outstanding and makes a lasting impact on me because of how sacrificing the mother is to her daughter. 😦 There are a lot of sacrificing mothers in anime and fiction, but this is one of the few times where I feel the impact hard on. I believe there is no greater love than between a parent and offspring. This scene depicts that so well. Even when Erin jumps in the water to save her mother, her mother does the unspeakable by using a forbidden whistling technique to send Erin away while she stays behind and accepts her death. Her love for her daughter is so powerful and her duty to her village is so inspirational. If this scene doesn’t deserve this eighth spot, I don’t know what does.

7) ~ef~ a tale of  melodies Episode 6

If there is one word to describe this scene, it is “horrifying”. I still remember that day when I sit down and watch this scene. Koala is about to go somewhere, but he already watched it and told me to be ready for some drama since we’re blogging this anime together. When I hear drama, I think of the usual. You know. Fighting and stuff. But this is more than just drama, this is insanity itself. To summarize it, I will quote Koala from his original entry: “In my opening paragraph, I stated that the episode was a emotional rollercoaster. That was wrong… in a way. It’s less of a rollercoaster… and more of a… well… hell drop. Falling and falling endlessly… with no end in sight. That sums it up.”

Yes, Koala, yes. Exactly. This is one of those scenes you have to watch for yourself. Yuuko takes off her clothing to reveal all the suffering she has gone through all these years thanks to Yuu abandoning her. All the scars. All the pain. Everything is out in the open literally and figuratively. If I were Yuu, I would be horrified and regretful of asking her to tell him her story, because man, that is one dark and evil story. The reason why it’s so devastating is that Yuuko is grinning and speaking in such a happy tone about her horrible story between her and her adopted brother. So twisted. The seiyuu also has to speak really really fast and for a hell of a long time to capture this scene. UGH. I really can’t say why this scene is so amazing. You just have to watch it and go “HOLY ****!!!!” because that’s what it is.

6) Full Metal Alchemist Episode 7

What is with me and horrifying, emotional scenes? To be honest, number six and number seven are pretty much interchangeable, but the thing is I’ve watched that above ef scene a year ago while I watch this scene at a much younger age… when I wasn’t so desensitize (sp?) to blood and horror and all that good stuff. But anyways, I remember the day I watched this really well. Duke and I were staying up at like 2 am to watch FMA when this episode happened to be one. It was a rainy day outside. Duke went to sleep, having nightmares, thanks to this episode. Although I didn’t have nightmares, I stayed awake, thinking about this episode for a very long time. I begin to question a ton of things about my life as well as a bunch of philosophical crap.

That’s not all though. This episode is beautifully executed in almost every single way. The directing. The build-up. The background music. The dialogue. The terrific Vic Mignagnon voice acting ❤ 😛 Most importantly, the first major death (I believe?) that starts off a series of deaths in FMA. I mean, come on, these people in this show are dropping like flies. But this death is the one that started it all (let’s not count the Momma Elric death since it was already in the summary and we were all expecting it :P). At least, it was for me. This doesn’t mean any other deaths in this anime didn’t make me teary because heck, most of them did. But this one in particular burns a very strong memory in my mind and this episode alone pushed me to finish FMA to the end. Man, I love this scene…

5) NANA Episode 27

NANA Episode 33

Yes, I’m going to cheat on this one and I’m proud to do so! I guess I should give a semi-valid reason why. I believe that both scenes should be included because neither is too meaningful/defining by itself but with its accompaniment, these two scenes are more than deserving of the number five spot. First, I’ll give a quick summary for those who have forgotten. Hachi is in-between Takumi and Nobu. She has feelings for both of them. One of them is a playboy who doesn’t care much for her and the other one is this super nice, heroic guy who cares a lot for her. The first scene is when she finally accepts Nobu after “breaking up” with Takumi and they kiss under the moonlight. The second scene is when Hachi finds out she’s pregnant and Takumi copes with the news way better than Nobu. It is because of the baby and that grabbing hand scene above that Hachi finally decides at last to pick Takumi over Nobu. And all the Hachi/Nobu fans… scream in rage…

Why are these two scenes a defining moment for me though? As an avid shipper, I am very loyal to a pairing I pick to love. Usually, I pick a pairing I know will happen and one I love more to the side. Sometimes, the pairings line up. In this case, I must admit that I’m a Nobu/Hachi fan during the kissing scene. I feel like I’ll be a loyal fan of that pairing from then on, but no, that’s not the case at all. All my friends know that I’m a 100% Takumi/Hachi fan. That’s why I have to give a lot of credit to both these scenes and the mangaka for somehow changing my mind so drastically within 4 episodes apart of one another. It’s really stunning how effective the mangaka is at handling her readers/viewers. To think… she is able to convince me to side with the awful candidate… that takes real skills. 

4) Honey and Clover Season 2 Episode 12


Man, this is one huge spoiler if you haven’t finished watching Honey and Clover Season 2. In any case, I know this scene is also on ExecutiveOtaku’s list, but heck, it’s worthy and should be on everyone’s lists to be honest. There’s a reason why both he and I have it on our lists of defining anime moments. It’s because it’s one of the most bittersweet, amazing endings ever. Let’s forget that bullshit we call Lovely Complex anime ending. This is the real deal here. This is what Honey and Clover is all about and it’s summarized sooo perfectly in this one scene.

Basically, Takemoto is off on the train… to his future without Hagu. Hagu had already made her decision to be with her Uncle. She chose him over both Takemoto and Morita. In other words, in this love triangle, both of them lose. But did Takemoto really lose? If you look at it from this episode and particularly this scene, Takemoto actually wins in my opinion. Think about it. Hagu gives him a gift before he leaves. On the train, he unwraps the gift to reveal a stack of bread with honey and clover in between. Oh God. I am tearing up while writing this paragraph already. And in his narration, he says he doesn’t regret loving Hagu. He has taken away so much more from loving her alone. His unrequited love made him a better person. He absolutely wins in his personal development thanks to her, even if she doesn’t return his feelings. It’s so beautiful. The most perfect ending if there ever is wrong. And one that proves that two characters don’t have to end up together to make an outstanding couple.

3) Death Note Episode 7

Oh man. Staring at this screen shot alone gives me goosebumps because really, this scene is one of the best directed, dramatic scenes I have ever seen in my short anime life. I know most of you watch/read Death Note, but I’ll give you the context of this scene anyways. Naomi is about to rat Light out to L and to stop Naomi, Light has to say a bunch of clever things for her to give him her real name so he can kill her off. In the end, Naomi is suckered by Light’s loud declaration for her to join the team that she gives him her ID… the item that will help her to her eventual suicide that we don’t get to see. I know summarizing it doesn’t give it justice but this scene is the best Death Note scene for me and as a Death Note fan 100%, I can’t help but put it on my list somewhere.

Another reason why I love this scene so much is from this scene on, I cannot remove my eyes off Death Note. I finished the next twenty episode or so in the same day… or wherever it stopped until next week. I remember watching Death Note as a form of addiction, like watching Code Geass. Once I watch, I can’t stop. I have to know what happens next. The above scene is the scene that made Death Note for me. As the horrified Naomi walks off to her death, I feel like I’m walk with her… to becoming one of the biggest Death Note fans ever. Her death also signifies the end of Light’s saintliness. Light will be killing a lot of innocent victims like her for his goal, and as I see him become more twisted with every upcoming episode, I never abandon Light and am proud of say I’m a Kira fan. Long live Kira. And… Light should have won and you know it. 😛

2) Code Geass Season 2 Episode 25

Okay, I have to admit that I’m predictable in that one of the defining moments in anime history has to come from Code Geass because really, it is a very influential and famous show. For me, it either had to be the one where Euphemia kills everyone or this one. Hm. Since I’m going for the emotional stuff for most of this post, let’s go with this one. Both of these scenes are interchangeable for different reasons. This scene is in the very last episode where Nunnally wails over her brother dying before her eyes. Yes. You heard me. My favorite and second defining moment isn’t when Suzaku acts all gay and stabs Lelouch. No way. The moment that got to me is when Nunnally goes crazy over Lelouch’s death. I watched this scene three times and I cried buckets all three times. Man… what a scene.

Let’s go over why this scene is so great and worthy of this spot. First of all, I have to give Nunnally’s seiyuu for pulling this off really well. She sounds so believable… and so heartbroken. Lelouch did everything for her. She understands this now and cries her heart out. Her brother is a good person after all! Why did she have to listen to other people and misunderstand him? Even when she realizes she is wrong at the last minute, she can’t do anything to keep Lelouch alive. He can’t come back from the dead (like Suzaku *shot*). 😦 This is such a touching sibling moment that it will stay with me for the rest of my life. Lelouch’s death and Nunnally regretting it all.

Besides that, this episode spawned so much debate and stuff about whether Lelouch really died or not that I have to put it as my second defining moment of all time. How can anyone forget this episode? Or the heated debate right after?

1) Bokura Ga Ita Episode 12

Screenshot - 11_16_2009 , 12_18_57 AM

Screenshot - 11_16_2009 , 12_19_07 AM

Screenshot - 11_16_2009 , 12_19_11 AMScreenshot - 11_16_2009 , 12_19_19 AM

Predictable of me, right? Out of all the anime scenes I have ever seen in my life, none of them even comes close to the impact this scene (or the whole episode as a whole) had made on me.  I watched this episode around three months or so after I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. I thought that maybe that is why this breakup scene between Nanami and Yano meant so much to me back then. It was an aftereffect sort of thing. However, I watched this episode right before I wrote this paragraph to see if it still has the same impact on me. It still does. Because it’s brilliant.

I have seen so many breakup scenes in anime in my life and none of them comes close to being realistic. Granted, there are not a lot of breakup scenes in anime in the first place since most couples get together at the end or get together but never have problems huge enough to break up, but I digress.  This scene is so heartbreaking and the buildup is incredible. It is so realistic in that Yano doesn’t cry during the breakup scene or make a huge fuss over her dumping him. He just stands there- stunned. And then, (probably) hours after she leaves, he stands there and tears come out along with muttering her and the other Nana’s name, leaving it ambiguous who he cares more. In addition, throw in a ton of flashbacks from previous episodes in the middle of it all along with background music and you have a masterpiece of a scene.

I have never felt for a character this much until I met Nanami Takahashi… so when she told Yano that she had to break her promise and leave his side… I ache for her. I ache for Yano. I ache for the anime itself. If there is ever a scene that has made me tear so much as this one, I want to watch it again and again, hurting myself in the process.