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To GG Readers,

Carmen is as pretty and almost as crazy as this girl~ Yes, another plug for Classy and Cool. 😛

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I can’t wait for Black Friday. Busy day that day. Anyways, on topic, Chapter 73 is here~ Sorry for a ton of typos/grammar mistakes since Paul hasn’t looked through this chapter and I have so much to do today to double-check! It might seem like I’m updating Gorgeous Geek really early, but I’m not really. Like I said last time, I finished the last chapter last Wednesday, which means I’m actually late for this week with updating. But since you guys get to read two chapters in a row, you guys won’t know the difference. 😛

I’m soo close to finishing the first chapter of C & C as well. I don’t know whether I should publish it at the same time or before the first chapter of FP. After I publish both, though, I’ll have a poll up in either my GG tourney survey or in a post to see which story you guys prefer me writing after Gorgeous Geek. I just want to get an idea if you guys want me to go serious or comedic. 😛

I have finally decided that GG will indeed be around 90 chapters (take or add a couple of chapters). Depending on where it ends, there will be a sequel/second part. If it ends on the climax, yes, there will be more GG after this story ends. If it ends on the actual ending, there won’t be any more GG- no sequel or whatever. After I’m done with GG, I will focus all my attention on my new stories and the sound episodes for GG. For GG, there should be around 10 or 15 sound episodes with one or two extras for fun. Oh, GG Round 45 is finally done after weeks of preparation. XD If the GG Char Tourney is not done by then, it will continue with the Sound Episodes.



Although Roselle has little to no screen time lately, Roselle is not going to lose this match without a fight against Rin Hamada. Roselle has the honor of being the only character so far to take down the high and mighty Jezebelle in the early rounds of the competition. This is back in her glory days however. Roselle is no longer the top dog around here with her three losses, one of which is to Jordan Greene. Speaking of Jordan Greene, Rin has also lost to him in a close match. In other words, both of these girls are evenly matched in more than one way. Both of them are already guaranteed a spot in the top 16 for the Double Eliminations with their more than worthy records, but this match will determine a lot of things for them. The biggest of them all? Pride. Who will lose her pride by losing to her friend in such a fierce match?



Looking at wins and losses alone, Sherry might not have a chance against the fabulous Kristian. Then again, let’s not forget that Sherry is one of the few people who manage to best Jordan Greene when so many other candidates didn’t. Like Crystal, Sherry is not to be underestimated, especially in a match when Kristian has less screen time than usual. Kristian’s popularity has been sinking lately and Sherry might just be able to take advantage of that to rob Kristian of an easy victory a few months ago. This is either going to be a predictable or a pleasant surprise of a match. What will happen to these two? Will Kristian survive a potential defeat? Or will Sherry work her way to the top sixteen with this much needed match?



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