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To Minnie’s Readers,

Carmen and Butch make their debut as "The Classy" and "The Cool"!

I am done with Chapter 1 of Classy and Cool! After speaking with Koala the other day, I realize that Gorgeous Geek will probably be done by the end of January. In other words, I missed my deadline by a whole month (or more T_T)! Waaah! I’m really losing it! But the good news is that I have around 2 months to edit this first chapter of Classy and Cool. I am uncertain whether I will stick to this style when the official start of Classy and Cool begins. I don’t know if I will change the writing style… the POV… the diction… the narration! Everything~ This chapter that you’re about to read is merely a sneak peek so you guys get the gist of what I’m trying to accomplish this time around.

There are a lot of differences in Classy and Cool compared to every story I have ever written before. The biggest difference is of course Classy and Cool has a very small cast. Unless you count the super super minor characters, Classy and Cool has a five-member cast. I won’t exactly reveal here how many are males and how many are females, but by the end of the first chapter, I’m pretty sure you guys can name off who the five characters are. Now, for the other differences that I’ll discuss one by one…

Setting: Classy and Cool takes place in a real life setting. Yes, it’s not a universe I made up or a town I made up. It’s a real town that I actually researched about for a week. Although I haven’t lived in that particular town, as a writer, I must imagine that I am in order to write this story. If I dream of publishing this story one day though, I will go to that town myself to write down descriptions and stuff, but that’s stuff for the future right?

Friendship-Centric: For all of you who have followed me from my Jr High or High school days, you know very well I like to write romance. I also like to write very complicated relationships between characters because I dislike the love triangle/square set-up that everyone is so ga-ga over. I prefer a love polygon where some relationships are ambiguous while others are not. In this story though, it is heavily focused on friendship. Why? Carmen is getting married. 😛 I don’t mind shipping though because that’s always fun~ But this story is not going to be about that.

Realism: I like to make exaggerated characters and stuff. It’s so much fun! However, for this story, thanks to the plot and the atmosphere I want, the characters will be milder than usual. All five characters are more “normal” or “average” than a usual Minnie character. Conversations will be the same way. I both like and dislike this. I know a lot of you will be turn off by this change, but at the same time, I know others will prefer this. It depends on taste, but hopefully, all of you will stick with me to the end~

Flawed Characters: Now, I’m not saying that my previous characters aren’t flawed. 😛 Most if not all my characters are flawed or imperfect in some way. It’s just that so far in Classy and Cool in my head, these characters’ flaws a lot more noticeable… and more annoying. I don’t know why it’s like that. I’m going to blame it on the slice of life genre! >__< And the realism. 😦 Sigh. Sorry if the characters are boring as well since they really are way normal this time around…

And last note, just in case you guys are still unsure, yes Carmen and Butch are the main characters of this story. XD The other three are pretty major… but it’s like comparing the two Nana from NANA to the rest of the class. 😛 That’s really the difference.