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To GG Readers,

A fitting image since Chapter 74 is Rin/Jezebelle/Tiffany-centric~ Picture belongs to Gracie.

It’s funny. Chapter 74 (I’ll re-upload the edited copy once my editor gets to it) takes place on a rainy day and guess what? When I was writing Page 7 of Chapter 74, it began to rain. I thought it was my imagination, but no, it actually rained! I asked Duke and my parents to confirm. Awesome, right? I’ve been behind in reading for my English classes lately. I’m pretty good at getting by classes with a B without putting much effort into it. But to get an A, I have to work harder, which is impossible for me since I spend all my time blogging, watching random stuff, and typing fiction. Sometimes, I wish I was more motivated like my characters. If I have Rin-chan’s hardworking attitude, I’ll probably pass all my classes with A’s. 😛 Too bad. I’m only motivated when it comes to things I like or not forced upon me. ^^;;

The GG Char Tourney is on hold until further notice. I need to study for Finals in about two weeks and the tournament actually takes up more time than the chapters themselves. Do you guys have any idea how much work goes into one round? SO MUCH!! I can stand typing 1/2 chapters a week with finals, but with the tournament and other things, it’s really too much for me to handle. 😦 The tourney will come back once I’m done with finals though~ I really want to get to the Double Eliminations by the end of GG. Let’s hope so!

Almost Done: Chapter 2 of C & C to get rid of that cliffy
Starting: Chapter 1 of PD and Chapter 75 of GG

Ninako is telling Minnie to stop reading her story and go back to Minnie's!

Okay, now for my little shoujo manga rant. For those of you who read manga at One Manga often, you may have noticed the top viewed shoujo manga list. For those of you who haven’t, Minnie is so nice enough to copy and paste the list for your viewing pleasure below. Anyways, the point is I think I might be a bit shoujo obsessed nowadays. If you look at the list below, you will notice some hearts. The hearts indicate how much I like the manga with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. In other words, I read these manga before and well, there’s a lot of them out of the list!! I guess I’m on a shoujo rampage nowadays. I hope it stops soon…

Of course, the list fails to have the best shoujos out there (since they are lower on the list for all the wrong reasons), including Bokura ga Ita, Fruits Basket, Strobe Edge, Shinobi Life, Hana Yori Dango, Sand Chronicles, Full Moon wo Sagashita, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Paradise Kiss, Goong, High School Debut, Kimi ni Todoke, and many others. Wow. I totally just made myself look more shoujo obsessed than before. =x

Though… those two manga that I haven’t read on the list… I should try them. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Okie, okie, I’ll stop now. 😛