To GG Readers,

Yay for more Tiffy-ness~

Thanks to FINALS (which I aced 3 tests and semi-failed 1), I am completely behind in Gorgeous Geek. I am determined to finish it by the end of January. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to at this rate unless I release a second chapter this week and then three next week. I think I can manage a second chapter this week, but three next week looks impossible right now… We’ll see. The characters in this story are getting more and more complicated with every passing chapter. XD Let’s hope I can keep this up until Chapter 90~ Anyways, Chapter 75 is a really long chapter. I’m semi-proud of myself for writing such a long chapter. XD Hopefully, the next one will be shorter.

Jezebelle one-shot??

GG Tourney will be back with Chapter 76. Chapter 2 of C & C will be released this month too, but the rest of the story will have to wait until GG is done and over with. This question has come up a lot with my readers: Will GG get a sequel or a spinoff or anything? Good question. There’s actually some discussion about a Jezebelle-centric one-shot. I’m actually contemplating making the one-shot part of GG itself after the climax or next episode or whatever. It will most likely be included in the story itself rather than being a separate one-shot. It’s basically a chapter only on Jez. XD Anyways, depending on whether I can get the rest of the story into the last 15 chapters, there might be a sequel. Otherwise, I have no intention of continuing the story. ^^ No use milking the story/characters dry right?

Thanks to Koala and a couple of other reasons, I really want it to…

SNOW!!!!!! (Rin and Jin pic?)

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