To GG Readers,

Yay for more Tiffy-ness~

Thanks to FINALS (which I aced 3 tests and semi-failed 1), I am completely behind in Gorgeous Geek. I am determined to finish it by the end of January. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to at this rate unless I release a second chapter this week and then three next week. I think I can manage a second chapter this week, but three next week looks impossible right now… We’ll see. The characters in this story are getting more and more complicated with every passing chapter. 😄 Let’s hope I can keep this up until Chapter 90~ Anyways, Chapter 75 is a really long chapter. I’m semi-proud of myself for writing such a long chapter. 😄 Hopefully, the next one will be shorter.

Jezebelle one-shot??

GG Tourney will be back with Chapter 76. Chapter 2 of C & C will be released this month too, but the rest of the story will have to wait until GG is done and over with. This question has come up a lot with my readers: Will GG get a sequel or a spinoff or anything? Good question. There’s actually some discussion about a Jezebelle-centric one-shot. I’m actually contemplating making the one-shot part of GG itself after the climax or next episode or whatever. It will most likely be included in the story itself rather than being a separate one-shot. It’s basically a chapter only on Jez. 😄 Anyways, depending on whether I can get the rest of the story into the last 15 chapters, there might be a sequel. Otherwise, I have no intention of continuing the story. ^^ No use milking the story/characters dry right?

Thanks to Koala and a couple of other reasons, I really want it to…

SNOW!!!!!! (Rin and Jin pic?)

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