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To GG Readers, 

Will Jez ever get past her Number Two Seed?

Chapter 76 is done (Thank you Paul~) and I know I say this a million times, but I still have no idea if there’ll be a sequel or not. At the slow rate I’m going (despite how rapid the changes are in the recent chapters), there will most likely be a sequel to GG. I don’t know how I’m going to last much longer with this group of characters and plot, but wish me luck! Hopefully, I don’t get bored of them and try to leave this story unfinished. T__T 14 chapters left… Oh boy.

I know it has been a very long time since I have the rounds up, but from now on, I’ll try to get them all up before the end of the story. I hope so at least… I don’t know if you guys will still vote for them after the story is done. XDDDDDD That’s a big problem, isn’t it? Once I have FP Chapter 1 up, I’ll have you guys vote between the two stories too. Please vote in Rounds 46 & 47 since I worked so hard on this tournament so far. 😦 Anyways, to refresh your memory, I have the top 16 as of Round 45 up for you guys to see: 

1. Jin Song (45-0)
2. Jezebelle Tilly (44-1)
3. Rin Hamada (43-2)
4. Kristian Shiratori (42-3)
5. Jordan Greene (41-4)
6. Roselle Young (41-4)
7. Yvette Kwan (40-5)
8. Wendy Wilshire (40-5)
9. Bo Sungwoo (38-7)
10. Grim (36-9)
11. Bailey B & Joseph Cruz (36-9)
12. Faith Santana (35-10)
13. Kirk Kelly (34-11)
14. Victoria Hopkins (34-11)
15. Tasha Chanthachem (33-12)
16. Eunice Hong (32-13) 

Round 46



Yvette Kwan has made quite a name for herself in this competition. With the exception of Jin, every major character she has went up against so far, she has taken down quite easily. Although she lost to the Number One Seed, she has a handful of other unexpected losses to minor characters such as Crystal and Xuan Lan. Statistics also say that Yvette has a much harder time dealing with female opponents for some reason. That is why this match is crucial to her records. Rin Hamada has one of the most loyal and stable fanbases in the whole cast. The only times her fanbase seem to waver on is against Kristian and Jordan, the two losses she have this whole tournament. Will Rin’s fanbase waver this time on Yvette or will Yvette land her second loss against a major character?



Faith Santana has been running out of luck lately. With two straight losses in a row, Faith is going downhill in popularity. This might be due to absense from the story itself. Bo Sungwoo has experienced this himself in the past chapters where he hasn’t shown up at all. But unlike Faith, Bo is taking back his previous popularity and heading uphill along with his screen time. Is this the beginning of Bo’s revival in taking over this tournament by storm or will Faith prove why he’s one of the few minor characters who never even touch Seed 17 and lower? Who will come out victorious out of these two manly men?



Crystal Shiratori never ceases to surprise her voters with the outcomes of her matches. Crystal is quite an odd case. For one thing, she has around two to three chapters worth of screen time. Second, she manages to win easily against “hard” opponents and lose against “easy” opponents. Overall, her record is unstable, unlike Sophronia who proves that slow and steady will win the race. Like the character herself, her voting history has been consistent and strong. This is the time to test these two ladies of opposing history. At this round, will Sophronia show off her skills and take a win for the underdog of this competition? Or will Crystal fight her off with her ability to win against hard opponents?

Round 47


EUNICE HONG (32-13) VS GRIM (36-9)

If there is one suprising opponent in this whole tournament, it is none other than Eunice Hong. For the hyper, former Asian Gossip Girl, she has just landed in the top sixteen recently by taking David Yoo Shin’s spot. Although David is a frontrunner at the beginning of this competition, his way to success has been diminishing fast. Eunice on the other hand keeps pushing forward no matter what. Even though she has rarely dropped rank, she has only been elevating upwards one or two ranks at a time. This steadiness eventually pays off by scoring a spot in the top sixteen at this point in the competition. Her hard work might come to an end with this match though. Grim might not be the nicest guy around, but he is a close friend of David’s and he feels that his friend deserves the spot more. This is a chance for Grim to take revenge and knock Eunice off the top rankings. How will Eunice fare against the almost invincible blog master and satiric writer?



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