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To GG Readers,

Due to popular demand, here is a picture of Cole.

I like to think that the upcoming chapters will be filled with half filler and half plot. That’s what it looks like to me, although you can say the filler bits do add more to the plot. I don’t know. I’ve been in a writing slump lately and I am having a hard time concentrating on anything. I believe it’s because of my weird mood lately. Anyways, if these chapters seem off, keep in mind that Minnie is also slightly off. I know most of you guys will be annoyed at the development in this chapter, but believe me, it’s only temporary. It’s almost an excuse to prolong the inevitable. I know I’m being vague here, but you guys will know what I mean once you get there. Anyways, Chapter 82 is of the right pace and length so please do comment on it. 🙂 I look forward to your comments!

I’m hoping Fool’s Paradise Chapter 1 will be out before Chapter 83, but with the rate I’m typing up that chapter, it seems unlikely. I don’t know why. That story is just really tough to type for some reason. I probably need to redo the whole thing and rewrite it until I’m satisfied with it. That’s what I’m thinking anyways.

Must use all Rina and Mark pictures before it's too late. XD

After the GG Char Tourney is over(and please vote for Round 52 after the chapter), there will be a new tournament. Right now, the new tournament is in the workings. Basically, it will be one of all the characters from all my stories. In order to figure out who will make it to the tournament, I will be accepting nominations (max 100). Of course, I will accept individual nominations, but for those who want to take the official survey, I will have that out later this week. The surveys are split into two sections: The Spirits section and the Modern section. The Spirits Survey is consisted of the following stories: Spirits, New Era, Change of Decade, Finale, and Home Time. The Modern Survey is consisted of the following stories: Sweet Heart, Gorgeous Geek, Honey Pie, Classy & Cool, and Fool’s Paradise. The Modern Survey won’t be out until Fool’s Paradise have a couple of chapters going. Same with Classy and Cool. Keep that in mind for the upcoming survey.

Round 52:



Rin Hamada has every reason to be proud of her current standing. Back in the beginning of the tournament, there is a huge debate whether Rin or Jin will win it all. But once Rin slipped twice against Jordan and Kristian, it no longer seems likely since Jin has crushed them both. This is then though and now is now. Rin proves that she is not to be looked down upon after her two losses by taking on and defeating Jezebelle in a close match. There is still a lot of fighting strength in Rin… maybe enough to take down her childhood friend when the time comes. After all, the Rin and Jin match isn’t here yet. With 11 rounds left, Rin will have to win every single match left to be able to hold onto her 2nd seending. In her way today is none other than the enduring Wendy. In her two matchups against the two boys, Wendy has lost against Kristian, but successfully beat Jordan. Will this account for anything in her matchup against Rin today? With one loss alone, Rin will slip into the 3rd seeding… so this is a match Rin cannot afford to lose.



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