To GG Readers,

Finishing up FP is hard work... I'm going to delay it some more 😛

I know right? I haven’t typed a chapter this quickly in ages! If I keep this up, I might be able to make my new February deadline instead. Yes, I totally screwed up and didn’t make my January deadline. But it’s okay. I decided to lengthen GG anyways and chances are I won’t even make my February deadline unless I type this fast every week from now on. Is it going to happen? Most likely not unless I make GG more exciting than it’s already been. Anyways, please read Chapter 83 and comment! It’s a pretty simple chapter if I do say so myself. Also, please excuse all my typos/grammar mistakes because Paul haven’t edited this and thanks to school, I haven’t reread it for mistakes yet. Sorry sorry!

Here’s the big news guys. The next two stories are not even closer to 100 chapters. From what I know, both C & C and FP are not even closer to 50 chapters. C & C might be 20-30. FP might be 40 or less. What does this mean? I have a couple of options to go after I finish those two stories. Wait. It’s most likely I’ll take the one I like the most and finish it and leave the other one for later. But anyways, there are a couple of options after that! Help me guys~ You may pick up to two options~