To GG Readers,

Remember this picture? There has been a mistake. She actually doesn't appear until Chapter 84. XD

I know Chapter 84 took a while, but it’s pretty long. This chapter is pretty Maryland-heavy. The next chapter will be as well because I should be done with the Mark and Rina arc by either next chapter or next, next chapter. I think I am rushing these chapters, but it’s because there aren’t that many left in the first place. ^^;; I try not to make it too quick-paced though. The next chapter should be out next week after I get some writing done for my new romance~

To Gracie: You didn’t make your Saturday deadline, did you? 😛 >sort of expected it<

To Paul: If you’re reading this, should I send you my other two first chapters to see what needs to be fixed? Thanks.

Anyways, I have quite a lovely picture collection of a handful of GG Chars. There’s a huge chance I’ll use it for the next tourney once I come around it. If not, I’ll most likely picture spam next post. Yes, that sounds fun. XD I haven’t done something like that in a while. Since I’ve stopped collecting GG pictures for a while now, my FP picture collection is enormous. My C & C collection is all right. Man, I really like to show off these pictures if I can since I spend so many hours collecting them in the first place. Makes sense no?

In any case, thank you for all who submitted for the Spirits survey. 🙂 The results are… as expected. XD I will take more survey submissions though until I have the next one up. ^^ After the Modern survey, I will reveal the top 16 characters who proceed to the next round without going through that prelim mumble jumble. Please expect the results soon.

Speaking of which, thanks to the overwhelming vote for me writing a real romance in that poll last time, I am working on a romance as we speak. I know I have two other stories I want to work on, but really, I have no idea which of the three I’m most interested in after GG is done. I want to get GG over with so I can work on a new project, but at the same time, I’m not sure which of the new projects is the most addicting to write. I’ll just have to see.