To Eulalia Readers,

Welcome to Chapter 2 of Eulalia~

First of all, I’ll like to take some time to thank everyone who has read the first chapter thus far. I am also very touched by many of your comments in regards to how you find the title satisfying despite it not being original in my opinion. ^^;; Furthermore, for everyone who is currently supporting Eulalia (either for the Inter-Story Tourney or for being Minnie’s personal mascot XP), I am glad to hear you guys think so highly of her from a single chapter. I don’t think a character has this much praise from a single chapter alone since Lucas Yeung from Spirits. ^^ Again, thanks for all the support and hopefully, I can update this and the other two stories more frequently until I figure out which one I want to write more about.

Chapter 2 is around the same length as Chapter 1. I believe that I will most likely stick to this 7-8k length for Eulalia because it seems more fitting. This chapter is clumsily written within 2 days like the last. But if there are any criticism, I’ll like to hear them before I edit the chapters and re-upload them once GG is done. GG is scheduled to be done later within the year thanks to my time constraints. Thank you for your patience everyone. 🙂 And have fun with Eulalia and gang~