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To GG Readers,

Is it the end of the Maryland arc and for Mark/Rina? You'll see. 😛

Happy Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Years! ❤

Hi peeps~ Remember how last time I said I was going to have a picture spam for these Maryland characters since they won’t be sticking around for long and I don’t want my pictures to go to waste? I decided I won’t exactly spam a ton of pictures on the characters, but a couple should be fine since it’s cool to see my collection right? Even if you think it’s lame, just nod and be like “Minnie, please~”. Yes, I love you guys too. 😉





For Mark/Charmaine or been fandubbed as Marmaine:

For Mark/Rina or fandubbed as Marina:

Now, that I picture spam you all to death, you guys have the luxury (jking?) of reading the chapter~ Chapter 85 is here (please excuse me on how crammed the chapter is!) and slower than usual thanks to Eulalia! But no worries, the next one should be out by Friday or the next weekend since I have like 3/4 tests this week. ^^;; After all, Gorgeous Geek is ending soon and I can’t wait to get to the last bits. Anyways, I know it’s Valentine’s and I should include a picture spam of couples, but I’m sort of lazy so I’ll just end this post with this JezJin picture (from the Umbrellas and Jackets chapter):

Let's pretend Jez has pink hair and is caught off guard~