To Minnie’s Readers,

Seriously. This is my life right now.

Hello everyone. Thank you for reading this post even though there are no promised chapters or rounds in it. Anyways, I guess I should explain the title and why I’m typing up this post in the first place. To be frank, I won’t be typing up any new chapters for a short period of time (it can be a week, a month, a few months, or even more…). This includes Classy and Cool, Gorgeous Geek, Honey Pie, Eulalia, and Fool’s Paradise. Since I promised my voice actors/actresses that I’ll get Episode 3 script done soon, I will indeed finish that very soon. How soon? Who knows. But before the other chapters at least.

Now, I will take some time to talk about something that I rarely talk about… my life. I hate it when people whine and bitch about their life to people and to me, therefore I shall not do so. I will only state what is going on so that you guys have some idea why I cannot finish a chapter within this week (or if you noticed, last week too). First of all, I am doing poorly in school right now. Everything else in my life is working together in order to destroy my grades completely. The biggest reason of all is this:

For the past week, the weather has been switching back and forth from sunny and rainy. Every single day, it decides to mess with me. Yesterday, it was sunny. Today, it is pouring hard. This has been going on from that last uncategorized post of me being sick to now. My body more than anyone else can’t take rapid change in weather. That’s like my ultimate weakness. It really kills me mentally and physically. That is why I am still fully recovered from my illness. Sadly, it doesn’t look like the weather will rest with its mood so I’ll have to wait it out until then.

The other less painful reasons why I am unable to type chapters and blog for HSA have to do with everything piling up at once. First of all, I have a dog to take care of now. That’s not a complaint because I am happy with Kira in my life. It’s just time-consuming. Second, my parents are going through a hard financial crisis right now so I’ve been skipping lunch four days a week. Of course, my stomach hates that but what can I do? Yes, it’s affecting my health… but *shrugs*. I’m cheap enough as it is. Third, my grandfather is back in the hospital. Since I can drive now, I will be visiting him more often than last time so again, no extra time for lots of projects. The rest of my reasons include work, schoolwork, chores, and the usual. I won’t bore you out with those. All in all, my typing will be slowed down to a minimum, but I will get Gorgeous Geek done soon. I promise. 🙂

A handful of icons/avatars from various anime that remind me of couples you guys all adore:

JoRin (thanks to Chapter 86)