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To GG Readers,

Is this the turning point for Jin and Rin?

It has been a long time guys! I know my hiatus has been long overdue (pun on title?), but man, do I feel happy to talk to you all again (even if most of you refuse to leave me comments!). And yes, my grammar is back to how terrible it used to be thanks to my lack of writing lately! But anyways, I’ve been typing in tiny bits, but I’ve been spending most of my time singing, reading, resting, and working. For those who care, my grandfather is feeling better, at least. Anyways, this chapter is quite… well, you’ll see what I mean. There’s a reason why Chapter 87 took so long. >___< It’s a hard chapter to write… yeah… and GG is coming rapidly to an end… Also, sorry for the awful format of the chapter. 😦

I know someone (cough I think it’s you Steve cough) is blabbering to everyone else about my recent singing. Somehow, that news spread like wildfire to most of my readers and blog mates so now everyone (or at least I feel like everyone) are requesting me to sing songs for them. >_< Man, I didn’t think my voice was that good. >:C You guys are giving me undeserved confidence in my singing ability. XD I bet it’s because I’m the author behind Gorgeous Geek, isn’t it? 😛

But anyways, I’ve already received around 10 song requests from various people. Let’s just say… please direct some of your requests toward my partner Koala aka Garrick (the faster singer) or my second partner Miken aka Miki (the better singer; though she is the reason behind 3 of my song requests >:C). Or at least, find me an active artist to draw pictures for the songs. XP That’s all.

Speaking of singing though, I still need files from some of you people. *hard look* Please get them in to me as soon as possible~

Note: Thanks to my continuous illness and my lack of time, I will not be putting match descriptions for these rounds~ Please vote for Round 55/56 after the chapter!

Round 55 Featured Matches:


Wendy Wilshire vs Roselle Young


Tasha Chanthachem vs David Yoo Shin


Jezebelle Phoebe Tilly vs Bo Sungwoo


Rin Hamada vs Bailey Bambridge & Joseph Cruz

Round 56 Featured Matches:


Vance Miles Gray vs Kirk Kelly


Bo Sungwoo vs Tasha Chanthachem