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Hiya everyone,

Love is in the air....?

Yes, I am in love. With my dog, Kira. I don’t know why I want to suddenly write a post about my dog, but he’s so cute. I don’t know how many times he heard me say that both in English and Vietnamese. He’s currently sleeping on top of my bed in my room after I saved him from the evilness of the backyard. Yeah. Michelle treats him like crap.

In other news, there is a slight chance that I’ll try to get a huge female group song going with one of my favorite songs. This also means… minor female characters. I’m already running around asking various Gorgeous Geek readers who they want to be on the list. So far, besides Rin, Jezebelle, and Tiffany (the big 3), the other female characters who are popular so far are:

1) Wendy
2) Yvette
3) Roselle
4) Xuan Lan
5) Victoria
6) May/Mai
7) Eunice
8 ) Sandara
9) Sophronia
10) Sherry
11) Rina
12) Shuijin
13) Tasha

Last but not least, expect Gorgeous Geek Chapter 88 out soon. ^^