Hello everyone~!

Before, I only really blogged whenever I have a chapter up but thanks to me procrastinating on Chapter 88 of Gorgeous Geek and Chapter 3 of Eulalia to death, I’m going to use my blog to keep you guys up-to-date on certain things. And no, I refuse to talk about my life off the Internet unless it’s super super important ❤

First Important Update: Tokyo 2 Rock City group song is very close to done. It will be up in a few days so please go and watch it guys~ I’ll post it here like I did with Cremation Melody. If it’s any motivation, I have a special friend guest singing in this song. ❤ He knows who he is~

Second Important Update: I conformed to the new trend going around. I got myself a FormSpring. I know I’m the worst. I hate Twitter and Myspace, but got myself a FormSpring and a Facebook. I can sort of defend/justify my reasons. For Facebook, I was tricked into getting it by a certain friend. For FormSpring, I actually see a need for it. Basically, you ask me questions and I answer them. A lot of you guys have a lot of questions to ask me story-related. How about do it officially there instead? ❤ Here it is guys: http://www.formspring.me/rosewisteria

Third Important Update: There is a huge chance that Gorgeous Geek will have a sequel. I don’t like this idea, but thinking about it, it makes more sense than have a rushed end. What will the name of the sequel be? I have no idea yet. The title however will not be Gorgeous Geek II. I’m not THAT unoriginal. Lmao.

Fourth Important Update: There will be a huge Pokemon Theme sing off. Will it work out? Who knows. Tangerine/Ric is in charge and you guys know how that goes…

Fifth Important Update: I am totally active on my Youtube account… unlike before. So if you have a Youtube account too, please add me~ My username is rosewisteria too. ^.^

Sixth Important Update: I have found the newest song to fangirl about. Especially the awesome PV (the part where the father hits him… God, that hurts me too). I’m serious. This song “Run” is the shit. Epik High, you guys… I hope one day you guys can sing for us again~ With DJ of course!