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Hiya GG Fans,

I’m going to make this quick since I have a test in a couple of hours and I haven’t studied for it yet. I suck at this. XD I’m going to sleep in a minute I swear! Anyways, the long-awaited group song “Tokyo 2 Rock City” is finally finished~ There’s a bit of editting that could be done but meh. We’re finished for now! Hurray~ *breathes in*

Now, for the short American Idol news like always… Tim Urban finally went home. His journey on American Idol is quite something. Someone who wasn’t supposed to make the Top 24… made it to the top 7. Wow. That’s really something. I’m surprised he didn’t make it to the Top 6 though! Haha. I’m still wooting for Crystal of course~ But who isn’t? XD This year of American Idol overall though… is a disappointment. Sigh. At least, there’s Glee? XD

Comment on my vid guys >:C You guys are so bad at that! Anyways, love you all and I will be going now~ Expect Chapter 88 soon!