To Gorgeous Geek Readers,

Since I don’t have a picture ready for this post and it’s all kind of sudden, I’m just going to put this instead for pimping my covers because I’m evil like that. Hurray? :

Go check out the GGG (youtube group) guys for other covers, including awesome English/Korean/Japanese covers by my best friend Koala! I’m so glad we have 25 members now. 🙂 Maybe one day… we’ll have a singer for each Gorgeous Geek character. *shot* We’re already getting there XD

Anyways, Chapter 88 is most likely the last chapter of Gorgeous Geek. Yup. You heard me right. XD I decided to just end it here. Pooey huh? However, the extra chapter will be out either later today or tomorrow, depending on how fast I can get everything else done. It’s super short so don’t wait for it ❤ Thank you Gorgeous Geek readers for sticking with me for over a year now. I’ll keep you guys updated on what’s going to happen next. For now, please enjoy all the character songs the GGG has done for your sake~