To Gorgeous Geek/Femme Fury Readers,

A Tribute to MaRina~

No… I did not just use a random MaRina picture to hide what is going to happen in this chapter… I’m not THAT evil, am I? ~ Anyways, after over two months of hiatus, I am finally done with the first chapter of Femme Fury. And let me just say. It’s awful. I really want to redo this chapter so badly. T_T Sigh. Either that or I have too much hope for this first chapter. In any case, this chapter is NOT for first-time readers of Minnie. It will make no sense basically.


Please do read and comment/review this chapter though. Also, excuse all the typos/grammar mistakes! Minnie is a horrible writer and doesn’t want to reread/edit right now >< Eulalia Chapter 3 SHOULD be out any day now. Expect that to be up not long after this. Unless I decide to be lazy and unproductive. I hope that doesn’t happen XD I am back in my groove and I hope to stay that way. Thank you again for everyone’s support ❤ I love you all and Minnie’s back… for now.