To Eulalia Readers,

It hasn’t been long since I uploaded Chapter 3, eh? It’s because these couple of chapters are quite easy to type. XD And they’re fascinating to me too! I really want to type them so badly. I can’t stop thinking of these chapters and the future of this story (when I’m not thinking about other things). With the way things are going, I should get Chapter 5 up by this week or next too. Depending on how I feel after that, I might try to finish Eulalia or go back to Femme Fury. I’m sure you guys will like either of those options huh?

Anyways, without further delay, Chapter 4! The tourney will be on hold, as said last time. 🙂 With this chapter, I believe I have introduced all the cast except one. =3 Hurray! I can’t wait.

Other news: I haven’t been feeling very well so if I don’t respond immediately or is in a relatively bad mood, you guys know why! ❤ Be sure to talk/drop me a word if you’re on MSN though! I love you all~