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To Minnie’s Readers,

Michi, Akua, Gracie, Minnie, Miken, Ric, Katt, and Steve~

Hello everyone. I’ll like to take some time to thank those who have asked me how I was doing and all that good stuff. Thanks for all the support you guys have given me. I can’t quite say I am over that funky mood I’ve been in the past few days, but I can say that I am recovering. I didn’t expect to even be able to go online when this happened, but you guys managed to make that happen. ^-^ ❤ You all especially my dear readers~ A quick shout out to those I especially love in no particular order:

My older sister Samuu
My twin Katt
My girlfriend Gracie
My hubby Matt
My partner in crime Steve
My co-leader Garrick
My besties Ric, Miken, and Akua
My sister in laws Michi and Michy
My fangirls Marissa and Catherine
And all the kids? XD ❤

A quick update is that there’s a community up for my dearest friends~ We call ourselves GRAMM and we are working on a website. But for now, we are staying at LiveJournal so check us out HERE.

Just for fun and for later use, I’m posting all the matching avatars I have with people (from newest to oldest):

I feel incomplete without one with TZM! TZM, let me make one for us D: KAORU AND HIKARU! Either that or the Skip Beat girls…