Hiya Eulalia Readers~

This picture will make a lot more sense after the chapter...

I am sorry for the late update on this chapter. I had what I wanted to write in my head for a couple of days and then, when I finally had time to type it, I forgot what I wanted to type. Thus, the life of a writer. Anyways, I won’t say much except that here is Chapter 5. I  have no idea when Chapter 6 will be up. I’m so busy nowadays it’s not even funny 😦 Catch me on Skype/MSN/Youtube if you can~

Lastly, since my laptop with all the good pictures is losing it, here is a couple of pictures for you guys to have better mental images of the girls in Eulalia~


Currently, she has long, reddish hair, but I’m planning to have her with shorter hair later in the story~ I don’t know why. I prefer Sandara with shorter hair for the university time period. In my head, Sandara has a more mature look with a thinner face. *shrug* She has darker skin that depicted here though ^^;;


I know I haven’t described her much yet, but she’s not too hard to imagine right? I wish to write more Xara in the future, even if she is pretty minor compared to the other female characters…


When I first saw this picture, I was like… OMG THAT’S CASEY!!! This character… whoever she is… looks identical to Casey. *____* Even the greyish/brownish hair I imagine with Casey >////< I’m sure that Casey will dress like this one of these days around the dorms…


Yes, Vivien does look like Natalia/Belgium/whatever, but who cares. Vivien has one of my favorite character designs in my head. She has really white skin and shiny golden hair, like in this pic. Just in case this can be misleading… Vivien does not wear glasses 🙂

Eulalia~~~~~~~~~~~~ ❤

Every Eulalia reader probably knows what Eulalia looks like by now XD But I can’t get over how Eulalia-like this picture is. I use the face version of this picture for Eulalia everywhere because man, it’s so fitting. Funny enough, I think the Hetalia character in this pic is drunk or something… which makes it even more hilarious~ ❤