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Hiya Everyone~

Preview of Chapter 6 of Eulalia? *shot*

I somehow managed to waste my entire day of Tuesday even though I had a million things to do so I’m going to type up this post in order to remind myself what I have to get done before Sunday~ The point? I know Steve and others will make me do these things if I post this. (Note: I will cross out once I finish the task)

-Make two videos for Sunday
-Find certain pictures for those two videos
-Bother people for lines *grumble*
Ask Angel for pic again
Mix Taiyou’s harmonies into the rest
-Sing Ladies’ First, Always and Forever, and Nanchatte Renai
-Finish Chapter 6 of Eulalia
-Post Miken’s solo
-Ask mixers for songs
Organize for Chorus Competition… if we’re doing it
-Finish typing Scene 3
-Read stuff for class… all of them.
-Watch one movie for class
-Send Samuu an e-mail
-Code World’s End Dancehall
-Make BoRin vid when picture is in