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Hiya Eulalia Readers~

Oranges are back?

List of Stuff I Got Done With No Internet:

-Finish Tales of the Abyss the video game
-Played 3 other video games
-Begun reading my romance novel
-Finished two scenes of GRAMM
-Got some other writing stuff done
-Played board games with my sister
-Went out and eat more
-Sleep more
-Got more singing done
-Photoshop(ed) more
-Managed to video edit more of that one project I’m still procrastinating on
-Had conversations on lots of stuff with Duke o.o

Wow. That’s a lot of stuff I manage to get done with 3-4 days without internet XD It’s sort of hilarious~ In any case!! Eulalia Chapter 6 is here~ It’s not a very exciting chapter, but I swear, you guys need this easy, light chapter before drama hits! 🙂 How long will Eulalia be? A lot of people asked me that. I’m going to aim for 30. I hope that’s all right with you guys… since I want to type other stuff too~

Minnie has now shown interest in screen writing and children book writing. I shall experiment with those in the future. Thanks for the support guys! I love you all ❤