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To Eulalia Readers:

What will happen now that Eulalia and Etchi meet face to face?

I managed to finish Chapter 8 quickly this week! I am so proud of myself~ At the rate this is going, I might be able to get Chapter 9 out soon too. I doubt it somewhat though since I have two video projects I need to edit and movies to watch for class. I am sort of worried for the length of this novel though… Since… I am not exactly done with the introduction part of the story and I’m already at Chapter 8. I hope I can still make this story 30 chapters… or maybe 40… instead of a 100…

And to make my post look longer, here is Minnie’s List of Fav NND Singers:

1) Yamai
2) Kouhei
3) Hanatan
4) Amu
5) Wotamin
6) Valshe
7) Terry
8 ) Clear
9) Nodoame
9) Others