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To Eulalia Readers,

First of all, I’d like to announce that I have an HQ Blog now. Basically, all my updates from singing, blogging, writing, and others will be posted there. I will still post here, but it will be strictly writing from now on. Everything else I want to say will go there. You can visit it at:


Next, I’d like to take some time to thank Gracie and Becki for the two artwork I received as b-day presents last Sunday. You guys are the best~ I’ll just post smaller versions of your originals here for others to *___* at your efforts~

Eulalia Cover by Gracie~

Jezebelle picture from Becki~

Now, on track… Chapter 9 is super late! GOMEN! I’ve been so busy these past two weeks that I had literally no time to finish the chapter… I had it finished at like 80% for a long time and only managed to finish the last 20% recently >< I’m so sorry! This competition and my b-day and everything else was keeping me from typing a lot like I want to… Sniff. This chapter… I am SO NOT satisfied with, but it will do for now…

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Thank you every1~