To Eulalia Readers,

This week is the horrible midterm week. Since I am the master of procrastination, I haven’t studied much yet even though I should be. I told myself that I will definitely focus on my studies from here on out after I finish up this post and take a quick shower. I will keep to my word so if anyone needs me for anything, please send an e-mail or a youtube PM or… I guess… comment here?

For studying purposes, I will be stuck on my bed the entire time as Luka is being portrayed up there with Shakespeare as my companion. Today is a cold, rainy day so that’s probably the best idea for me right now since my body hurts like crazy and I don’t want to move around much. Actually, even better, for those of you who can text me, please do. It will get to me faster than e-mail would at least.

Now, I know most of you are only reading this post because you want to know the news on Eulalia right? *waits* Yeahhhh I know you guys so well XP I can’t believe I’m even attempting to procrastinate on my own blog post. Haha! Anyways, I’ve been thinking of Eulalia a lot these days. More so than usual. I’ve also been thinking of Femme Fury, too. In the end, I believe I have gotten the entire story of Eulalia down in my head. The ending isn’t fabulous in my head. It’s actually the opposite of fabulous. I’m sure the ending will change once I get closer to it, but for now, I’m not looking forward to the way Eulalia ends. Just saying. But for a romance like Eulalia, how else would I end it? With a wedding? HAH!

Besides having a more detailed outline in my head for Eulalia, I’d like to announce that Eulalia will be… thirty chapters. I know half of you are like O_O but really, Eulalia’s plot is really simple. I believe I can only manage to keep up the drama/romance for thirty chapters. If I want to drag the story out any longer, it will go into NANA territory and I’m not quite sure I myself am ready for that XD After all, Eulalia is one of my early attempts at a pure romance story. It’s uncertain whether this is the genre I want to write in…

What are my plans after Eulalia? I am planning to get some Femme Fury done while finishing up Eulalia. If I’m lucky, I should be able to finish Femme Fury not long after Eulalia since Femme Fury is also a short story (20-40 chapters?). What will I do after that? If I am able to get into the script writing industry, I will attempt to rewrite GG in script format (I learn how to write it now~). If not, I will either rewrite Spirits I to make it more publishable (with an improvement on the plot and characters!) or finish writing Classy and Cool~ ❤ Fool’s Paradise is too ambitious of an adaptation of a Chinese drama that I will probably put on hiatus indefinitely along with Honey Pie. I realize I am getting old so I shouldn’t waste any more time practicing and writing new ideas. I have to rewrite my old ideas and fast!! ❤

Now, study time~