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To Minnie’s Readers,

I know I have bothered you guys throughout the year with my singing but here I am to bother you guys once again because come on, I like to take on too many projects for my own good. Anyways, my latest project is entering a new competition called DuBattle Royale~ Our first entry is up so check it out below!

To vote for “Zessei Bijin”, please go VOTING PAGE HERE and pick us for your top pick! For your other four picks, please check out other groups in this nice little wrap-up video! If you want to know who I would vote for, I would vote for “Tomodachi” and “Kamishiyu”. Thanks a lot guys. I know my readers pulled through for me countless times~

Now, for the most important part, here is a very short Eulalia Chapter 0! And for all you hardcore Minnie readers, yes, THIS IS CANON, unlike that AU I wrote a while ago for Gracie though. Sorry Gracie <333 I wrote this one after much consideration and even though I’m not 100% satisfied with it, I hope you guys like it!