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To Minnie’s Readers:

First Anime I'm Watching of the Spring 2011 Season!

Honestly, when I saw the promo for Hana-Saku Iroha, I wasn’t really keen on watching it anytime soon. However, I couldn’t resist the character design of the main character. I always had a thing for short, curly hair girls… almost as much as long, red-haired girls. She also had flowers in her hair! Plus, I noticed the anime listed “slice of life” in its genres! I was won over easily from then on~

The pluses:
-Main character design that I like!
-Main character personality that I like!
-Main character seiyuu that I like!
-Main character not being typical, idiotic, or fangirly!
-Beautiful animation!!
-Slice of Life and not the fake kind either~
-Easy to listen to music
-Sweet narration
-Believable dialogue ^^
-Very realistic so far ❤
-Good cast of character so far!
-Fluid movement~
-Solid and consistent pacing ^^
-Enjoyable and entertaining

-Too many characters introduced at once
-Weak romance
-A couple of dull moments
-Can’t remember any names right now
-Some meetings between the characters are sudden/awkward
-No real hook

I just like to point out that the one thing that won me over about this anime is that the main character took responsibility for her stupid actions. She wasn’t being immature/childish about it like a lot of other heroines. Instead, she showed that she could man up to her mistakes and learn from them to work harder. Already, I could see a lot of character development and potential in her. If anything, I’m going to stick around to see her and her rivalry with her roommate. That’s some fun yuri connotations right there~

Rating for Episode 1: 7/10

Yay for Personal Life Mumble Jumble~

Now, in other news, I will no longer reply to e-mails of any kind, unless it’s a life or death situation. I will also not reply to any random PMs at any forums/websites I might be active/used to be active on. I will also not reply to any text messages that are for the sole purpose of bugging me in any way. I will not comment to anything posted in my other blogs/websites other than this one. Furthermore, I will not approve or answer to any comments on any of my posts here that I deem insensitive, inappropriate, off-topic, negative, etc. I will delete these types of comments on the spot. You get the idea by now I hope. If any of this leads to stalking in any form, I will not hold back in fighting back by any means possible. If any of the above leads to drama of any sort, I will delete this blog without hesitation. With that said…

I am easy to contact just by leaving a comment on this blog in any of my pages/posts. I appreciate it if the comments are neutral and professional, like a reader to a respective writer rather than a friend to another friend, but maybe that’s just me. From now on, I will post not only my chapters, but thoughts on various subjects such as anime, drama, books, TV shows, etc. However, the main purpose of this blog is for me to write and post my writings up so everyone can share the world I created. I hope that we will keep it clean and drama-free from now on. I appreciate commentary and feedback on my writings and musings. I do not appreciate questions about my personal life, flames on my grammar, or anything similar to the two listed. Let’s play nice, okay kids?

And just for the record, men are the problem to all my drama nowadays *shot* *half-joking?*

Last but not least, look forward to Eulalia Chapter 20!