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To Minnie’s Readers,

From Vain to Dandy Blog Theme?

I changed my theme again and I changed my Eulalia mascot to my new and improved Mandy mascot. My reasoning? I was getting a little sick of orange so purple is now in! Woot~

To celebrate this change, here are a couple of new information about the heavily anticipated, “From Vain to Dandy”.


“Vain Blaine” is many things- an ex-playboy, a lady killer, and most of all, an opportunist. What happens when he meets his equivalent- the wealthy and cunning “Dandy Mandy”? What challenges will she bring with her? Not a romantic comedy.


Blaine “Vain Blaine” West
Age: 23
Profile: In elementary school, Blaine West leads his class to rebel against his teacher during a trip to the zoo. In middle school, Blaine leads his science team to the Nationals. In high school, Blaine has never been rejected by a girl for a date. Blaine has never rejected a date either. Now, in college, Blaine wears a wedding ring and plays the dating game to live until he meets the outrageous Mandy who will change his life forever.

Mandy “Dandy Mandy” Monroe
Age: Unknown
Profile: At the age of two, Mandy Monroe grows up as a child actress. All her life, Mandy Monroe believes she can do anything as long as she sets her mind to it. Extremely wealthy, Mandy understands the value of money and takes advantage of that to get whatever she wants. However, far from a spoiled brat, Mandy claims to be a natural born genius thanks to her “good genes” and pushes Blaine to try to beat her at… anything.

Nicki “Cherry” Chantelle
Age: 23
Profile: Nicki Chantelle or “Cherry” is the only woman in the world who Blaine claims to be a “good girl”. An honest, mature woman, Cherry prides herself in being an ordinary female in both appearance and personality. Learning from her past mistakes in high school, Cherry decides to live the rest of her life, taking care of her father and three younger brothers. At times, Cherry takes care of Blaine and Justin, too.

Justin Tsai
Age: 21
Profile: An international foreign exchange student, Justin Tsai lives in the same apartment as Blaine and attends the same college, too. Coming from a wealthy family who can afford to send him thousands of dollars a month for his education, Justin has no understanding of what it means to save or invest and prefers to spend all his money. Despite his immaturity and spending habits, Justin proves to be a loyal friend to Blaine and Cherry.