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To Minnie’s Readers,

The Ladies of FVTD: Mandy, Cherry, & Simone

Because I’m a cruel author who can’t finish Eulalia within a month like I used to with Sweet Hearts, I will have to kill you guys with suspense by uploading short excerpts from the upcoming novel, “From Vain to Dandy”. I realized that I raise all your expectations with every new post on FVTD, but I am going to risk it anyways. There’s a reason why there’s a hype over this novel… so I will do my best!

Mandy Monroe~

Mandy pretended to glance away when the other girl observed her suspiciously.
“I’m no expert in stalking,” Cherry smiled gently at Mandy, who stood a few feet away behind her. “But here’s a piece of advice: try not looking like a skank.”
“I’ve been found out.”
Mandy brushed her hair back casually. “Quite frankly, I thought I blended in well with my surroundings.”
Cherry allowed a giggle. “True, but you’re too pretty for that.”
“Are you flirting with me?”
“Aren’t you the one stalking me?”
Blushing slightly, Mandy held out her hand. “Mandy Monroe, your skanky stalker.”
“Nicki Chantelle,” said Cherry, shaking Mandy’s hand. “Regular girl who makes friends with said stalkers.”

Nicki Chantelle~

Cherry could not make up her mind whether she was fortunate or unfortunate at the sight of Justin and a couple of girls chatting at one of the cafeteria tables. She went over to them.
“Oh shit,” she said, feigning surprise. “It’s you.”
“Nice bumping into you too, Cher.”
“Wow, everyone knows you, Justin,” one girl exaggerated.
“I’m just a friendly person,” Justin tried to be modest.
“Justin is so friendly that he wouldn’t carpool with me,” Cherry said.
At the other two girls’ stares, Justin grinned and said, “It’s a joke, Cher. Take a joke, will you?”
“My little brothers won’t be laughing when they come home to find their sister missing and the dining table empty.”
“You’re the worst, Justin.”
His groupies picked up their lunches and walked away.
“Thanks, Cher,” said Justin, holding up his soda bottle in mock cheer.
“Why thank you for the offer,” Cherry swiped the soda from his hand and drank a sip from it. “Nice bumping into you too, you friendly person you.”
“I don’t see anyone hanging out with you.”
“I know,” Cherry agreed. She placed the bottle back on the table. “Same with you.”
“And whose fault is that?”
“Class is over in two hours. See ya then.”

Simone West~

Even though Mandy said nothing, the department store worker with red curls approached her. Mandy pretended to try on a pair of heels to see what this young lady would do next. Unexpectedly, the woman stood firmly in front of her with her shadow hovering over Mandy’s entire body. Mandy noticed that she had her hands on her hips.
“Good afternoon.”
“Happy every day,” Mandy said her classic line.
“You can stop now, dear.”
Mandy smirked under her long dark hair. “Aren’t you supposed to ask me if I need any help?”
“I know who you are,” she said calmly.
“Pretty face. Nice body. Healthy hair. Good sense of fashion. Too rich for this place.” The woman smacked her lips. “You’re Blaine’s newest girlfriend, aren’t you?”
At the mention of Blaine’s name, Mandy threw her head up with sparkles in her eyes. “It’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m Mandy Monroe!”
Unaffected by Mandy’s enthusiasm, the lady asked, “So, what’s your assessment?”
“Assessment?” asked Mandy.
“You’re here to check out the competition, aren’t you?” she asked, almost amused. “Did I meet your expectations? Or are you going to tell me that I’m not hot enough for Blaine?”
“You’re quite lively, Miss Simone,” Mandy stated, returning her attention to her heels.
“Cut the formality,” Simone said. “If you’re here to bitch and tell me to stay the fuck away from Blaine, I had already heard it all.”
“What petty womanly concerns,” said Mandy under her breath.
Simone heard her and smirked widely. “I get it now. You’re not Blaine’s girlfriend.” Mandy tightened her hand on the strings of her heels. “Only a girl who hasn’t been seriously in love can look down on a woman’s jealousy.”