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To Minnie’s Readers:

As many of you know, I am trying to pull myself together and be more active in my writing. Since I quit blogging anime and a couple of other activities that eat up a lot of my time, I manage to have a lot more time to type my stories. Yesterday, I already finished typing the first chapter of From Vain to Dandy to get it out of my system before I continue on with Eulalia. Yay! Ten chapters of Eulalia left!

But what about your other stories, Minnie? Oh gosh. I’ve been asked this question a million times. I believe it’s about time I come to terms with the news. So… get ready for the rest of this massive post!

I have decided to give up on Fool’s Paradise and hence, it is no longer on my story timeline list over in the widgets to your right. Fool’s Paradise is too ambitious. With my current level of writing skill, I cannot pull it off. Maybe one day I will pick it up again. Maybe I will willingly hand my idea to another writer. Whatever my decision will be, I will NOT be writing Fool’s Paradise at this point in time.

Honey Pie is next and I have to say that Honey Pie is probably the hardest story to write for me. I have to be in the right mood to type it up and my mood hasn’t been right lately. For those of you who don’t know, Honey Pie is a psychological story about four girls and their lives in college. It’s written in first POV and hard to pull off. What is the status on this story then? Indefinite Hiatus! Sorry ;__;

After two bad news, here is the first of the good news! Yes, Minnie will be continuing Classy and Cool again! Classy and Cool is around 20-25 chapters so it won’t be too bad to try to finish it. Besides that, Classy and Cool is directly related to Eulalia and indirectly related to From Vain to Dandy. Overall, Classy and Cool is too important not to update and I shall do so as soon as I am close to finishing Eulalia~ Or maybe sooner?

Even though I had uploaded two chapters of Spirits New Era within the past three years, I have no intention of continuing the story where I left off. The reason why I uploaded those two chapters in the first place was because they were 75% done and I felt the need to finish typing them for the sake of my readers. However, I do feel bad that New Era is so close to done and yet, I don’t feel like I have the mentality to finish it anymore. I am still interested in the story, but I have a feeling that if I were to continue it, the characters will be slightly different than the original. New Era fans/readers in general are very attached to the characters and I don’t have the confidence that I can write the characters 100% how they used to be… Let me know your thoughts on this. It will probably help me make my decision whether to finish the story or not.

Now, last but not least, I left the most important news for last. I am fully aware that my most popular story is Gorgeous Geek. And well, the ending of Gorgeous Geek is not really the ending I dreamed of when I started the story. The real ending of Gorgeous Geek is actually the ending of Femme Fury, the sequel to Gorgeous Geek. As you guys may have noticed, Femme Fury is put on hold until Eulalia is complete. At least, that was the original intention. I hadn’t expected to come up with the main concept behind From Vain to Mandy though. With From Vain to Dandy in the works, my writing schedule has become more complicated than it should be. Sigh. Anyways, I am planning on releasing Femme Fury Chapter 2 soon. As for the rest of the chapters, I’m not sure at this point. From Vain to Dandy is pretty episodic in a way so I’ll see if I can squeeze Femme Fury in along with Classy and Cool. If all else fail, I can at least guarantee this: Femme Fury will eventually be completed since I love the ending too much. That’s relatively good news right?

Stay tune for the release of Eulalia Chapter 20 and From Vain to Dandy Chapter 1 very soon~ ❤