To Minnie’s Readers:

The Perfect Eulalia I Found Online~

I know this will sound very odd coming from me, but when I found the picture above, I fangirled so much over it. This is EXACTLY how Eulalia should look like. I can’t believe there’s a perfect Eulalia picture out there. I’m so happy!!! But anyways, reasons why this picture is perfect

A lot of you guys draw fanart of Eulalia for me and I appreciate it so much but the skin color is usually slight off- either too dark or too light. This pictures is perfect ❤

2) Perfect Chest Size
Woot. A for the win.

3) Perfect Waist Size

4) Perfect Height
Tiny Eulalia <333

5) Perfect Hair
No extra ribbons. No pretty clips in her hair. Just plain and simple. The twintails are held up at just the right height in this picture too. Oh, and I can’t believe it. The right length! So many Eulalia pics I have where the twintails are too short… or too long… Yes, I care a lot about her hair for some reason XD;;

6) Perfect Colors
Her clothes up there are colors Eulalia would wear. She doesn’t like bright colors so she would usually wear white, black, beige, blue, or brown~

Anyways, before you guys are bored to death, here is Eulalia Chapter 20! Not my favorite character, but it’s an important information chapter nevertheless. Everything is slowly being revealed! There’s nothing else to say except that I am planning to finish Eulalia before the end of 2012. I hope I make it!