To Minnie’s Readers:

Before I go all Mandy Monroe design details, my important news for this post! I am currently in the process of making a promotional video for “From Vain to Dandy”. Basically, I will sing a cover song, my daughter Coda will mix the song, my friend Ringo will make the video, and last but not least, we need someone who can draw the artwork for the video. I am willing to pay for for this~

The song I’m covering as Mandy Monroe (so you artists have an idea):

If you are an artist or you know an artist who can help, please contact me by Youtube PM at rosewisteria unless you know an easier to contact me (like Skype, E-mail, etc).  Thanks a lot for your time guys!!

Mandy Monroe is the main character of From Vain to Dandy who will be taking over the mascot role of Hohiho from Eulalia from Eulalia. Mandy Monroe is often depicted with the following hairstyles in order from most common to least:








Even though Mandy has perfect vision, 50% of the time she is depicted with red, purple, pink, or orange-rimmed glasses. This combo usually goes along with a scarf or shawl. Mandy does this more so whenever she’s in “sophistication mode” or “geek mode”. An example of her glasses:

Because Mandy is the ideal woman in appearance (this is because of something in the plot that will be explained within the book), she is 5’8” with the generally accepted standard of 34-24-34~ I may change this later when I  have a more accurate vision of Mandy’s body in my head.

As for clothes, Mandy wears anything really. She changes clothes depending on what her activity is. Mandy changes clothes along with her mode. Woot. And I think I’m done for Mandy promotion purposes~ Chapter 1 is already done but probably won’t be released until my PV is done <3333