To Minnie’s Readers,

Four Childhood Friends... All Grown Up~ (Credit to Hetalia fans)

I have finished Eulalia Chapter 21 already, but I decided to upload Classy and Cool Chapter 2 first. Eulalia Chapter 21 will be out later today, I promise~ Like I said in my other post, Classy and Cool is an important link for both Eulalia and From Vain to Dandy. I feel the need to complete it in order to make it easier to understand From Vain to Dandy in particular.

However, I do realize that Chapter 1 of Classy and Cool has been out since December 2009. A lot of you might not remember what happened in the first chapter. Therefore, I went back and edited it slightly so here is a new version of Chapter 1 for all of you to enjoy before Chapter 2! I’m so thoughtful huh?

Chapter 2 is short but it’s relatively the right length for the rest of Classy and Cool. How long is Classy and Cool? Probably 20ish chapters. It’s a short, simple story about friendship. Besides, I need to focus on the upcoming From Vain to Dandy