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To Minnie’s Readers,

Thanks to my dubbing/animating adventures lately in the vocaloid world, a couple of people I know have asked me which vocaloid songs I love. And coincidentally, there’s been a ranking list out for the top 60 vocaloid songs out recently based on video views. Although I know like 50/60 out of those songs (DON’T JUDGE ME XDDD), I feel like it’s about time I let you guys know my top 25 vocaloid songs of all time.

25. Knife by Miku, Rin, and Len

24. Leia by Luka

23. Servant of Evil by Len

22. Stardust Utopia by Luka

21. Spice! by Len

(Note: I don’t care what anyone says. Beeeeige’s version is the best 😛 )

20. From Y to Y by Miku

19. Akahitoha by Luka

18. E? Aa, Sou by Miku

17. Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo by Miku

16. Acute by Miku, Luka, and Kaito

15. Cremation Melody by Miku

14. Shura no Niwa by Rin

13. Kokoro x Kokoro Kiseki by Rin and Len

12. World is Mine by Miku

(Note: It’s funny. I think Gracie showed me this version XDDDDD)

11. Soundless Voice by Len

10. Kodoku no Hate by Rin

9. Romeo & Cinderella by Miku

Special Mention/Kouhei’s Version:

8. Tengaku by Rin

7. Scissorhands by Miku

6. Cendrillion by Miku and Kaito

5. Rolling Girl by Miku

4. Just Be Friends by Luka

3.  Love is War by Miku

2. Magnet by Miku and Luka

1. World’s End Dancehall by Miku and Luka