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To Minnie’s Readers:

The fight is on?

First of all, thank you K-Twinnie for reading and commenting on my stories even though we don’t talk to each other much anymore ❤ I love you, K-Twinnie! Please continue to support me! Thank you everyone else as well for sticking with me! I’ve known so many of you guys for years~!

Second, I am looking for an editor for From Vain to Dandy. I’m not looking for much. Just someone I can talk to for recommendation/ideas and to fix my grammar/syntax. If no one volunteers, I am more than happy to just write and post like always~ That’s not a problem with me. I just though it’ll be nice if I can try to get a publishable draft the first round around for a story 🙂

Without further delay, Eulalia Chapter 22 is here~ When will Chapter 23 be out? After my last final, Eulalia Chapter 23 will most likely be out by then. I have slightly less than 2 weeks of school left~ Please wish me luck on my last couple of exams guys! I appreciate you all~

Classy and Cool Chapter 3: 30% done
From Vain to Dandy Chapter 1: 100% done
Femme Fury Chapter 2: 50% done