To Minnie’s Readers:

A JezJin gift for one of my longest readers~ ❤

I made the mistake of saying that I’m in one-shot mood so you guys can request any one-shots you like XD Now, I have too many requests to take them all. Please don’t request too much guys >.< Anyhoo, I’ll just release a couple of them that I was in the mood of writing. My one-shots aren’t as good as my main stories because I write whatever I feel like without much thought to it. I hope you guys don’t mind~ ❤

JezJin One-shot

I am taking a small break from Eulalia at the moment because I’m not inspired to type it. I will try to get it finish the story before my school term start again though~ Besides, I want to type From Vain to Dandy too badly to not finish Eulalia. However, even though I might not type Eulalia all the time, I’ll be typing other works. Look out for other updates from me~