To Minnie’s Readers,

I have a whole rant about what is going on with me on the Eulalia Chapter 23 post. I will spare you guys the same paragraph in this post as well. Anyways, for a couple of you guys know, I’ve been in the New Era mood lately so I’ve decided to rewrite Chapter 32 after reading the old draft. For those of you who don’t remember, Chapter 32 is the first chapter where the two protagonists, Roseanna and Locke, met for the first time. If I feel like it, I’ll most likely remaster or rewrite another chapter. As of the moment, Eulalia Chapter 23 and a one-shot will come out before then ๐Ÿ™‚

Duet between ehmzie and I again:

Here is a quickie Q & A from me to you guys. It is asked by one of my long time readers, Catherine~

Q. Minnie, is there any special ritual you do when you write?

A. Actually, not really XD;; Lame, I know! I suppose… I usually listen to a certain song that helps set the mood for the story but that’s basically it. Otherwise, I just… sit down and type.

Q. Who is your loudest muse?

A. This is a funny question. My loudest muse is often the main character of whatever story I’m writing. For example, back when I wrote Sweet Hearts, KT and Theresa are by far the most talkative in my head. It’s the same with Eulalia from Eulalia now. However, nowadays, there’s the invasion of Mandy and Blaine…

Q. Who is your favorite character and why?

A. This is actually a really hard question for me because I have to think about it for a bit, unlike the two previous questions. I am literally think of all the movies, books, anime, and such. I have to say that my favorite character of all time is Yang Guo from “The Return of the Condor Heroes”. Not only does he have one of the greatest character development of all time, Yang Guo has one of the most classic love stories of all time. As for his character, he is like the ultimate anti-hero turned hero. I simply adore this man. Second to him is… of course… Zhao Min~ She’s a great inspirational to the famous Roseanna Roupeez from Spirits: The New Era.

Q. Who is your own favorite character and why?

Funnily enough, despite the major criticism you guys have towards my male characters and my “capacity” to create endless strong female characters, my own favorite character is Lucas Yeung from Spirits, Spirits II, Spirits III, and Spirits: The New Era. He is not my favorite character because he is the manliest character in all my stories. Oh nooo. Minnie’s not like that ๐Ÿ˜› The reason why Lucas is my favorite character is because his character development from the first book to the fourth book is one of my favorites. Furthermore, it does help that he’s one of my longest muses. He’s been with me for a very long time…

Q. What is your favorite scene in your own works?

I thought hard about this one and even though I wanted to pick an original, super dramatic scene as my answer, I am going to say… the reunion between Caramel and Theresa in Part III of Sweet Hearts. I’ll try not spoil anyone in my answer, but the innocence and sweetness of that scene will forever touch me. It’s not often I write about a love that is so beautiful and pure, but the pairing of Caramel and Theresa made it possible and it’s quite a… lovely thing.

Q. Your favorite couple? 8D

I knew this question would come up! This question always comes up. It’s because I’m such a ship tease towards most pairings in my story, hm? Is it too early to say Blaine and Mandy? Joking! For a pairing that wasn’t originally planned in my head, my favorite pair is actually KrisRin (Kristian/Rin) from Gorgeous Geek. Think of it this way- you must really like the pairing if you secretly want them to work out despite knowing that you, as an author, must break them up sixty chapters down the line. From the beginning, I knew that based on their personalities, they would be a disaster as a couple. Against my better judgment, KrisRin probably gives off the most chemistry in any couple I’ve ever written. They’re like the epitome of a couple that has strong feelings for each other but aren’t workable based on their immaturities and personalities. But you know how love is? You can’t help who you have feelings for and most of the time, it’s someone who isn’t compatible to you as a person. It is definite the case here ๐Ÿ™‚