To Minnie’s Readers,

Mandy in Kimono~ (Click on picture to see it in full size~!)

Due to high demand, I am releasing the second and probably last From Vain to Dandy one-shot in a while. Why? I am planning to release Chapter 1 as soon as possible. The reason why I haven’t done so before is because I had to wait for a video to be completed. The video is now done so once I upload the video, I will also upload the first chapter of my newest story, From Vain to Dandy!

Until then, for now, please enjoy this simple one-shot! FVTD Second One-shot! I’m glad a lot of you guys enjoyed my first one 🙂 It makes me super happy! I hope you guys like this one as well! I hope to keep writing years and years from now~! Let’s push through together, guys~ *___*