To Minnie’s Readers:

What awaits the couples in Chapter 23?

This chapter took me a while because of Finals and other distractions. Let me describe them for a bit. Thanks to my one-shot medley present to Marissa, other readers have been requesting one-shots from me. I finished two requests (one with Spirits and one with New Era). Not long after, I was in the From Vain to Dandy mood so I wrote two one-shots of that story: first one and second one. I’ve written five other one-shots… half-finished. I’ll try to finish them all at my own pace but yeah. Then, I had Dubattle Royale video to take care of. I am currently working on the next video for the same competition… Afterward, I had to sing for five birthday presents and animate for four of them?! And I’m sure by the time Eulalia Chapter 23 is out… I have already stayed up and finished most of my other activities. In other words, everything you read is pointless! Hurray~

Btw, the first 8 pages of this chapter took me around a week to write and the last 2 pages took… the rest of the time (3 months or more?) because I fail like that 8D;;

Another Plug! Duet with my dear Tonkhai!