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To Minnie’s Readers,

The release of Chapter 1 is finally here!

I know a lot of you guys have been anticipating this heavily promoted story for less than half a year now. For a while, I was torn between calling this story “From Vain to Dandy” or “Vain and Dandy“. In the end, after surveying a handful of my readers, I finalized my decision to call this story “From Vain to Dandy” or FV2D/FVTD/FVD for short.


“Vain Blaine” is many things- an ex-playboy, a lady killer, and most of all, an opportunist. What happens when he meets his equivalent- the wealthy and cunning “Dandy Mandy”? What challenges will she bring with her? Not a romantic comedy



Blaine “Vain Blaine” West
Age: 23
Profile: In elementary school, Blaine West leads his class to rebel against his teacher during a trip to the zoo. In middle school, Blaine leads his science team to the Nationals. In high school, Blaine has never been rejected by a girl for a date. Blaine has never rejected a date either. Now, in college, Blaine wears a wedding ring and plays the dating game until he meets the outrageous Mandy who changes his life forever.

Mandy “Dandy Mandy” Monroe
Age: Unknown
Profile: At the age of two, Mandy Monroe stars in many commercials. All her life, Mandy Monroe believes she can do anything as long as she sets her mind to it. Extremely wealthy, Mandy understands the value of money and takes advantage of that to get whatever she wants. However, far from a spoiled brat, Mandy claims to be a natural born genius thanks to her “good genes” and pushes Blaine to try to beat her at… anything.

With no further delay, From Vain to Dandy Chapter 1! (NOTE: IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU READ CHAPTER 2 OF FEMME FURY BEFORE THIS CHAPTER). Enjoy~ Leave comments or attack me with comments/criticism personally ^^

Edit: My Promotional Video for this story! -Minnie