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To Minnie’s Readers:

Chapter 3 Out!

There is a reason why I manage to release Chapter 3 of From Vain to Dandy so quickly is because it’s easy to write when a story is starting. I know, I know. I am so bad. I need to finish Eulalia first. I should be able to get to that though because well, I have school again so it’s easier for me to type and release chapters while I’m in school. I will ask a couple of people to tell me not to type From Vain to Dandy in the meantime while I trudge through the rest of Eulalia.  I enjoy both stories equally. It’s just a greater challenge to get through the middle of the story rather than the beginning of a story if you guys get what I mean?

Early Survey Results for Favorite Character (pics with headphones!):

1st goes to…

Nicki Cher Chantalle aka "Cherry"~

2nd is tied between…

Blaine West~

Mandy Monroe~

And third of course goes to…

Justin Tsai~

Edit: Plug for latest Zessei Bijin dubs!

(Happy B-Day Tonkhai~! <3)