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To Minnie’s Readers,

Some Darren and Joel~

I want to reply to a question someone posed me the other day to make this post more interesting. The question is: If all your modern stories are in the same universe, how old would Jin Song (Gorgeous Geek) be in From Vain to Dandy?

I will now give an extended reply to that question:
Blaine West (FVTD)- 23 years old
Nicki Chantelle (FVTD)- 23 years old
Justin Tsai (FVTD)- 21 years old
Jin Song (GG)- 22 years old
Rin Hamada (GG)- 22 years old
Jezebelle Tilly (GG)- 20 years old
Jordan Greene (GG)- 22 years old
Eulalia (Eulalia)- 22 years old
Etchi (Eulalia)- 21 years old
Carmen Santiago (CC)- 23 years old

I have nothing much to say except that Chapter 10 should be released soon because somehow, Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 weren’t enough to finish off this series of events. I want to finish this already XD Please enjoy Chapter 9 and leave me any feedback! I love reading them from you guys~ ❤

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