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To Minnie’s Readers,

Who do we have here...

Every Eulalia reader out there must be happy that I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year. My  main focus is on Eulalia this month. I may not be able to finish Eulalia using this month, but it’ll be close. The reason is because I want to update From Vain to Dandy and Fool’s Paradise as well and you guys know for sure I will put those two in my writing count. It will either motivate me even more to finish Eulalia and make me lazier XD;; We’ll see.

As you can see, I didn’t use a picture of Eulalia or any of her cast members for the picture above. It’s the same deal as using Mammon as my picture for Chapter 24. I have to start using as many Eulalia pics as I can from here on out though because I have so many and I want to use most of them before this story ends T_T Without any further ranting, the long awaited Chapter 25 is here. You’re not supposed to know her name yet, but I fail?

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