To Minnie’s Readers,

The story between Eulalia and Brice is coming to an end...

NaNoWriMo is really helpful. I haven’t been this productive in my writing in ages. I am constantly typing for my three stories to make sure they all get released in a timely manner. Even though I have already passed my 50k word count for NaNoWriMo, I am keeping up this momentum until the end of November. Because I will continue with this pace, expect Chapter 12 of From Vain to Dandy and Chapter 5 of Fool’s Paradise to be released soon =3

Now, here is Chapter 28 of Eulalia! I know I keep saying that Eulalia will be 30 chapters, but there’s a good chance the next one will be the last one. I believe it’ll be 30, not 29 though. We’ll see how it goes 8D (No… I’m not totally wringing it)