To Minnie’s Readers,

Liam King and Joel Eduardo~

After spending most of Thursday stuck waiting in line, I am now back with your next chapter of From Vain to Dandy! I was planning to finish Eulalia before I update From Vain to Dandy too much, but I decided not to fight what my head and heart wants and update this story. I guarantee you that I will still try to finish Eulalia before November ends. That is my goal at the start of the month after all and NaNoWriMo is helping plenty. Will Minnie be able to finish Eulalia before November ends?! We’ll see!

As for this story, Chapter 12 is done and I think it reads quickly~ The good news is Chapter 13 should be released in 1-3 days before the next Eulalia chapter so look out for that! Here’s my slight precaution to you though- I’ve decided that this story will be rated MATURE for content. I usually dodge around mature content such as sex, violence, drugs, profanity, or whatever for the sake of my younger readers (you know who you are) even though I have the ability to write them. I believe a lot of the message of From Vain to Dandy would be taken away if I don’t make this story mature so be warned! XD

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